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How it Works

Haifu system


Haifu system.

This outpatient procedure provides patients with benign or malignant tumors, an alternative treatment option without incisive surgery or substantial negative side effects. The treatment can be used stand alone or as a complement to traditional treatments; and may be repeated if necessary.


The Haifu System integrates optimized planning, real-time image guidance and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy deposition to cause tumor necrosis (death of the tumor cells) without affecting any of the surrounding tissue.


Detailed description


The Haifu system allows the treatment of solid tumors applying focused ultrasound without incisive surgery. Benign tumors can be treated in part or in whole.

The treatment of malignant tumors must include the full volume of tumor tissue, as well as a volume of tissue healthy surroundings, to ensure complete tumor ablation.

The technology of three-dimensional conformation (3D) allows the adaptation of treatment to the shape of the tumor in three dimensions in order to optimize the necrosis of tumor tissue and minimize damage to surrounding healthy tissue.




The treatment of the tumor is guided by high-definition images obtained by MRI, combined with real time ultrasound images, optimized for the Haifu System program.


HIFU medical specialists would determined the window treatment more tailored to each body, as well as the more effective Biological Focal Region (BFR). The treatment itself can be performed automatically, controlled by computer or manually. This unique integration of medical expertise, programming and engineering, allows the surgeon to visualize and treat tumors of soft tissue without resorting to surgery incisive.



Figure showing the Haifu Ultrasound Therapeutic System highlighting the focused ultrasound beam in the liver (brown). The patient is placed with its right side on the transducer.


The Haifu system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU acronym) to cause ablation of tumor tissues. HIFU allows for ablationed certain tissues because: a) the ultrasonic flow through the soft tissue without causing any harm, b) focused ultrasound can deposit enough energy in the focal set to cause a peak in temperature that causes necrosis of tissue.


The HIFU conformal treatment shows coagulation necrosis induced by the Haifu System in ox liver in vitro: one-pulse necrosis induced by a single exposure of HIFU, a scanning-track necrosis induced by a scanning-track exposure of HIFU, slice-necrosis induced by multiple scaning-track exposure of HIFU, and a volume-necrosis induced by multiple slice exposure of HIFU.