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Our Consulting Expersts



       Prof. Dr Grigor Gorchev M.D., Ph.D, D.Sc   

Physician with three medical specialties in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology and Surgery. Honorary Rector of the Medical University, Pleven.

Professor Grigor Gortchev is awarded with the Honorary Sign of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and has been twice awarded with the honorary sign of Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) for his outstanding contribution to the healthcare in the country.

He is the first certified specialist in robot-assisted surgery in Eastern Europe, who have implemented and developed the method in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. He has performed the first laparoscopic-assisted extended hysterectomy with pelvic lymph dissection of a woman with uterine cervical cancer in 1st stage in 2004 for the South Eastern Europe; as well as for the first time he operated a female patient having the same disease, performing laparoscopic surgical intervention preserving her child-bearing functions with the purpose of in vitro fertilization, 2004.

He has performed the first robot-assisted operation of a woman with uterine cervical carcinoma preserving her child-bearing functions in Eastern Europe in September 2010. 

Apart from introducing robot-assisted surgery in Gynecology, he is also pioneering  the application of non-invasive HIFU technologies in the treatment of solid tumors in Bulgaria. Professor Gortchev is a member of the French Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, European Society of Medical Oncology and the Society of Robotic Surgery in the USA. He is a Council member of the Society of European Robotic Gynecological Surgery (SERGS) and a co-founder of the South Eastern European Robotic Society (SEERS). He is the author of 5 monographs, 189 articles in scientific magazines and journals, 139 scientific presentations in the country and abroad and 3 scientific movies

    Prof. Dr. Tashko Deliyski M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc 

Surgeon, Oncologist.  Certified specialist for robot-assisted surgery. Head of the  Clinic of Surgical Oncology of University Hospital , Pleven . Head of the University Centre of Oncology  to University Hospital , Pleven.

Head of Department at the Medical University - Pleven . Deputy . Dean of FZG to Medical Universiy , Pleven , Consultant in the "Tokuda " hospital, Sofia.

Professor Deliyski is a Consultant in HIFU Center (Clinical Center for non-invasive medicine through High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)  to the Saint Marina Hospital , Pleven . Professor  Deliyski has over 400 publications in scientific journals in Bulgaria and abroad and is a member of 21 Bulgarian and international scientific organizations and associations  including the European Society for Medical Oncology ( ESMO ), the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), Balkan Union of Oncology (BUON), International College of Surgeons (ICS).



        Prof. Dr Slavcho Tomov M.D., Ph.D, D.Sc

Gynecologist, Oncologist, Surgeon. Distinguished surgeon of  robot-assisted Gynecology in Bulgaria. Rector of the Medical University of Pleven and a leading specialist in the Saint Marina Hospital, Pleven.

For his significant  contribution to the modern medicine and the healthcare  in Bulgaria  he has been included in the 2007 issue of the  IBC, Cambridge, UK "Top 100 Health Professionals” and in 2010 – in the encyclopedic  book "The World of Bulgarian Medicine”. He has been awarded a honorary diploma and badge for his contribution to the development of the University Hospital, Pleven.

Professor Tomov is a Co-Founder, Board member and a Secretary of the Bulgarian Society  of Minimally  Invasive Gynecological Surgery (BAMIGS) and a member of  Bulgarian Society of Oncological Gynecology  (BSOG). Member of several prestigious international professional organizations, such as the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO), European Society for Robot-assisted Gynecological Surgery (SERGS), European Association  for Translumenal Surgery (EATS) and others.