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About us


The company HURSAMED, Ltd is engaged Health and Medical Tourism.

Medical tourism is traveling to another country to receive medical care, examinations, consultations, treatment, surgery, which either does not exist in your country or might prove more advantageous.

Each patient has the right to seek opinion, advice and treat their health problems of his choice.

Everything about your health - diagnosis, second opinion and treatment in all areas of medicine we can offer our services.

The base of our business is to provide specialized care and medical assistance in hospitals and clinics in Bulgaria, Greece, Europe and other countries.

All around it organizes the tourism businessman in partnership with physicians and clinics. This also includes transportation, information, touring, dining and accommodation at selected hotels.

We organize everything you need for your treatment:

*Prepare documents

*Meeting with a specialist - online and on-site

*Organizing your trip

*Providing escort and translation during the whole period of your stay
*Treatment of benign and malignant tumors

*Providing specialized transport

*Configuration tourist destination (optional)

*Configuration and organization health packages for Balneology, Rehabilitation, Spa and Wellness 

For the best possible service created sections
that will be beneficial to our patients:


                 Health Consulting

We provide the following services:

  *Medical advice and referral to the appropriate specialist abroad - Gynecology, Oncology, In Vitro, Dentistry (aesthetic dentistry, implants) Plastic Surgery
  *Diagnostic tests with high-tech equipment in elite clinics and hospitals - CT scan, MRI, PET scan,

    Ultrasound diagnosis and therapy HistoScanning TT(early  detection  of prostate cancer),

    Lu Viva (early detection of cervical cancer), Ultrasound for musculoskeletal diagnostic,

    Ultrasound for early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and many others.

  *Virtual consultation and second opinion highly qualified specialists

  *Alternative medicine - Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese medicine and other methods

  * Preparation and translation of your documents for abroad

  *Medical tourism - travel arrangements, assistance in choosing a hospital, health insurance escort interpreter, tourist destination (optional)

  *Balneology in therapeutic centers in Bulgaria, Greece and Europe.

  *Spa and Wellness – beauty, detox, anti-stress.




The HURSAMED Ltd company is a reputable representative for Greece of the new high-tech hospital and the only one in the Balkans HIFU treatment center «St. Marina» Pleven, Bulgaria.

 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a revolutionary, radically new non-invasive method ablation tumor - benign and malignant. It is completely non-invasive extra-corporal medical treatment where a high-intensity focused ultrasound beam is applied with unique precision in the target zone of the tumor and thus ablation of the cancerous neoplasm is obtained.

HIFU therapy is organ-sparing, without conventional surgical excision - no scars, no blood-loss, with minimal risk of infection and lack of operational stress.

It is important to point out that the patient recovers in 24 hours and may return to his active routine 2-3 days after the procedure.

                                                                                         SECTION TOURISM



                             MEDICAL TOURISM


Medical Tourism means traveling to another country to receive medical care which either does not exist in your country or might prove more advantageous. All around it organizes the tourism businessman in partnership with physicians and clinics.

This also includes transportation, information, touring, dining and accommodation at selected hotels.

The most common types of procedures in medical tourism trips are cosmetic surgery, dentistry, organ transplantation, cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, robotic surgery, new treatments that are missing in the country where the patient lives, Oncology, Dental Medicine, Alternative Medicine.

A wide variety of services can be obtained by medical tourism, starting from the basic procedures for various types of traditional and alternative treatments.

Reproductive tourism and reproductive outsourcing are becoming more popular, as is the practice of traveling abroad to engage in surrogate pregnancy, in vitro fertilization and other reproductive technologies.


                              HEALTH TURISM

The Health Tourism is a specialized type of tourism that uses recreation and recreational resources and treatment services in specialized facilities for the needs of treatment, prevention and healthy recovery of client-patient using various modern methods and programs outside hospitals.

It is reflected in the satisfaction of recreational needs through the use of climate, mineral waters and peloids as health resources and built on this basis treatments. The modern trend of health tourism with emphasis on prevention (so called "health for healthy"), but in most of its forms it involves medical and therapeutic activities and related services after clinical treatment, and the treatment of certain chronic diseases-BALNEOLOGY AND REHABILITATION



                                                                                       WELLNESS AND SPA TOURISM



Spa tourism (SPA - Sanus pro aqua - "health through water") is aimed at people without health problems. Customers of these centers are in good health and financial situation and the purpose of their visits relaxation and quicker recovery from stress and achieve good looks.




The word wellness comes from two English words - well-being (welfare, prosperity) and familiar to all of us - fitness (good health and good physical shape). If you search in Google-images the word wellness, your screen will show images of healthy and smiling people relaxing in the spa someone new and great hotel located oceanfront or high in the mountains.

                                          VIP  Tourism        
                                         Business tourism