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Hospital "St. Marina"

  • The Hospital "St. Marina" was established in 2002. It is the first in North Bulgaria Private Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • In 2009 he opened a modern, specialized clinic for Midwifery.
  • 2012 it was discovered HIFU Center "St. Marina". It is the first and only specialized clinical center in Eastern Europe a completely non-invasive treatment of solid tumors by high intensity focused ultrasound.
  • 2015 - Hospital "St. Marina" is becoming in High-tech Hospital "St. Marina" with Governor Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev MD, correspondent member of Academy of Sciences, a specialist in gynecology, oncology and surgery, with three medical specialties in obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and surgery.

What offers high-tech hospital "St. Marina"

  • Preventive packages - individual
  • Preventive packages-family
  • Preventive packages- corporate
  • discount cards
  • events and screening programs
  • CT - 128-slice CT (computed tomography), the latest development of Siemens, the first of its kind in Bulgaria

    The device is equipped with an innovative technique for reconstruction SAFIRE, allowing up to 60% reduction in radiation dose to the patient without compromising image quality.

  • IVR technology allows to visualize the smallest diagnostic details and special software for research in oncology assist doctors in detecting tumors and monitoring the development of disease.
  • Digital X-ray system - one of the latest high-tech solutions of Siemens, designed for graphic and scopic research, equipped with modern software solutions, allowing maximum reduction of ionizing radiation for patient with excellent quality.
  • Ultrasound researches  carried out with the latest models of devices Esaote - a global innovator and leader in imaging producing apparatus entirely in Europe. Esaote are the ones who carry out a revolution in ultrasound diagnostics the development and implementation of technology Fusion Imaging - fusion of images from different types of devices, virtual navigation, GPS - virtual biopsy and ultra-high frequencies KM MyLab Seven and MyLab Six are brought to market in the period 2014 -2015 year and are developed in collaboration with leading clinicians from renowned European universities. The Both sets of series MyLab Seven imported for the first time in Bulgaria
Laboratory researches

Laboratory diagnostics provides 70% of the information on the state of human health. The hospital offers all types of laboratory tests.

Special pride is the equipment of the clinical laboratory with some of the most modern contemporary analysts, production of leading companies from the USA

The most important of their possibilities are:

  • Hematology analyzer has a capacity of 60 blood count with differential count five idiotypic per hour. It is unique in that it alone pierce caps on Vacutainer, thereby reducing the risk of contamination by biological material.
  • Biochemical analyzer has a capacity of up to 800 samples per hour, possible to determine up to 120 different biochemical test as well as highly specialized and rare tests like copper, ammonia,drug monitoring and narcotic substances.
  • Immunological analyzer has a capacity of up to 100 samples per hour and an opportunity to 80 different immunological test
  • Analyst to determine the coagulation status has a capacity of 80 samples per hour and measure all routine tests for coagulation, including all clotting factors.

Patients of University Hospital "St. Marina "- Pleven, can benefit from the capabilities of the 6 operating rooms four of them are integrated. The unique high-tech solution to the operating rooms are also available for the first time in Bulgaria

In realization of its primary mission, namely offering optimal solutions for the treatment of patients  „St. Marina "- Pleven trust first of its kind in Bulgaria IT infrastructure and platform, enabling the hospital to implement unique workflow based on best practices from leading hospitals in the world

  • Patient individual workstation, located next to the hospital bed provides:
  • ull visual access to the status and treatment of patient
  • Consultation with a specialist if needed remotely (in the country or abroad)
  • The patient to use it as a computer, TV

The "heart" of the Hospital "St. Marina" is a Hospital Information System (HIS), which allows the creation of electronic medical record (EMR) for each patient.

At the hospital are separate 5 specialized centers for treatment with a combination of the most advanced global technologies that are the most friendly to the patient:

  • Center "Fibroids" - the only one in Bulgaria for the treatment of fibroids disease by applying the full range of therapeutic approaches of modern gynecology, non-invasive - using high intensity focused ultrasound HIFU; morcellation, hysteroscopy; minimally-invasive (full endoscopic techniques known as "bloodless operations"); open surgery.
  • Center "cervix and endometrium" - diseases of the cervix and uterine body
  • Center for Coloproctology - diseases of the colon and rectum, haemorrhoidal disease, perianal fistulas, cysts and others..
  • Prostate Center
  • Center for Mastology - Breast Disease
Clinics and wards:
  • Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Obstetrics
  • Neonatology
  • General Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Intensive Care
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • HIFU – Center
  • Pathological laboratory
  • Clinical laboratory
  • CardiologyUrology
  • Urology

Before leaving the hospital, each patient receives an individually-tailored program for monitoring and checkups.