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"In  the future, no one will use a scalpel to cut the patient’s body and no one will accept an operation.

This is the future of the ultrasound ablation."


                                                                                                     Prof. Timothy James Mason, UK




HIFU means High-intensity Focused Ultrasound.

The effect of ultrasound looks like a magnifying glass that we use to concentrate sunlight on a particular point. Similarly doctor directs a focused beam of acoustic energy to the tumor with pinpoint accuracy that heats and destroys (ablation) cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

Ultrasound is also used to treat in Parkinson's and Alzheimer disease, blood pressure, in the field of dentistry, physiotherapy, cosmetology and others.

Besides self HIFU therapy is used also in combination with other conventional methods of treating cancer as well as in cases where the operation can lead to complications.

HIFU treatment is 100% non-invasive and non-ionizing, with the result that it is completely safe for the patient, the physician and the environment. It preserves intact bodies and most friendly therapy in the history of medicine.

HIFU is a revolutionary radically new approach for the treatment of oncological and non-oncological diseases. The method is very popular and is used in leading clinical centers in the world. Completely non-invasive, no incisions and scars, no blood-loss, with minimal risk of infection, harmless to the patient and the physician, do not require a general anesthetic and ensure quick recovery