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Breast Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenomas are the most common benign (not cancerous) tumors of the breast, composed of fibrous and glandular tissue .It mainly affects girls and women between 15 and 35 years of age. In 90% of the cases the neoplasm affects only one breast, in 9.3% this can be in both breasts, while in 9.4% there could be multiple lumps.
The standard method to remove fibroadenomas is by surgical operation, while the patient is under anesthesia and stays in  hospital for at least 1 day. After this operation a scar / scars are usually left and they are often the cause of breast deformation.
The modern medicine, however, offers a completely new, non-invasive treatment of fibroadenoma - by using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).
The HIFU-center to the St. Marina Hospital in Pleven, Bulgaria, for the first time in Eastern Europe offers  this modern, non-invasive and patient-friendly method.

  Breast Fibroadenoma


  • 100% non-invasive procedure – no surgical excisions
  • No scars left on the breast
  • Does not cause a deformation to the breast
  • Does not require general anesthesia. During the procedure, the patient is only lightly sedated.
  • No  blood loss and risk of infection
  • It is a completely  harmless (non-ionizing) procedure for the patients, doctors and the environment>15мм
  • It is out-patient procedure - no hospitalization is required. The treatment usually lasts for about 40 minutes and the patient can leave the hospital several hours after it.

N.B.  To qualify for HIFU treatment, the fibroadenoma must:


Indications for ablation Hayfu:

  • Histologically verified fibroadenoma breast
  • Visible with ultrasound; the lesion must be larger than 1 cm
  • Age of the patient:
  • Maximum size of the lesion: 3.5 sm
  • The tumor must be groping in touch
  • Distance from the skin to the nearest border of the tumor> 15 mm


  • Scar along the ultrasonic acoustic path
  • Radiotherapy Breast
  • Patient that has a connective tissue disease -kolagenoza
  • Biopsy diagnosis (Core needle biopsy) suggesting malignancy
  • No clear visualization of the lesion with ultrasound

Breast cancer

Indications for HIFU treatment:

  • Stored integrity of the skin, the tumor is located more than 15 mm from the surface of the skin
  • Lack of infiltration of the chest wall muscles, carcinomatosis, breast cancer and others.
  • Patient, which is a solitary lesion sizes from 1 up to 4 cm in the mammary gland and is demonstrated histologically
  • HAYFU is appropriate in the following clinical situations:

  • Patient after informed consent
  • Patient who has refused conventional surgical approaches in treatment
  • Patients with absolute contraindications to general anesthesia
  • The procedure is performed under light sedation.

    ХАЙФУ - лечение е невъзможно при :

  • Тумор, който не се визуализира ехографски
    Границите на тумора трябва да са ясно различими за тази цел трябва да са направят 1-3 курса химиотерапия преди локалната ХАЙФУ аблация на тумора
  • contraindications:

  • Mikrokaltsifikatna diffuse form of cancer
  • Inflammation of the skin in the area of the tumor
  • Patient that has a connective tissue disease -kolagenoza
  • Tumor in the area of the areola
  • Two or more tumor formation in different quadrants of the breast